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Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine

Frank Melo, MD

Dr. Frank Melo is a seasoned medical professional certified in both Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine, boasting over two decades of comprehensive healthcare expertise. In his role as a family physician, Dr. Melo adeptly addresses a wide array of acute and chronic health issues. From conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol to managing concerns such as anxiety, depression, weight management, and hormonal imbalances, Dr. Melo provides personalized care tailored to individual needs.

Furthermore, as an addiction specialist, Dr. Melo has been dedicated to aiding individuals and their families on the path to recovery from substance use disorders since 2011. He began his journey as a physician and medical director at an opioid treatment program in Minneapolis, MN. Later, he extended his contributions as a staff physician at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, where he delivered compassionate medical and addiction care services. Presently, Dr. Melo continues his impactful work at Solstice Health & Wellness in Sarasota and neighboring areas, offering integrated addiction care and recovery services, mental health support, primary care, and other specialized treatments.

Dr. Melo graduated from the University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance, earned his medical degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Ciencias Médicas in Costa Rica, and completed his Family Medicine Residency at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Beyond his clinical expertise, Dr. Melo is an advocate for embracing healthful lifestyle practices across all dimensions of life. His infectious enthusiasm and positive outlook make him a trusted partner for patients seeking holistic wellness.

Practice Manager

Jessica Melo

With an impressive career spanning over 17 years in the healthcare field, Jessica Melo is a seasoned professional dedicated to delivering exceptional care. Her diverse roles, including Medical Assistant, Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Research Associate, and Medical Device Reporting Specialist, reflect a comprehensive understanding of healthcare operations.

Jessica’s expertise lies in ensuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of medications and medical devices, a testament to her commitment to excellence in patient care. As a key member of the Solstice Health & Wellness team, she plays a crucial role in upholding the highest standards in healthcare.

Collaborating closely with Dr. Frank Melo, Jessica takes pride in ensuring that every patient’s visit is smooth and seamless. Operating within the complexities of the healthcare system, she excels in coordinating care effectively and efficiently. Her attentive approach, warm smile, and friendly demeanor create a comforting atmosphere for everyone she encounters.

In her role at Solstice Health & Wellness, Jessica Melo embodies a passion for healthcare that goes beyond the ordinary. Her wealth of experience and compassionate nature make her an invaluable asset, contributing significantly to the well-being and satisfaction of those under her care.

Registered Medical Assistant

Eleana Pupo, RMA

Lili is a distinguished Registered Medical Assistant, bringing a robust set of skills to the table in patient care, administrative tasks, and medical procedures. Her career is marked by stints in prestigious healthcare environments where she has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to excellence in service.

At Solstice Health & Wellness, Lili is an instrumental member of the outpatient addiction treatment team. Her genuine enthusiasm for helping individuals grappling with addiction and mental health issues is evident. She approaches her work with compassion, excelling in providing support that makes a real difference in patients’ lives. Her adeptness at active listening and problem-solving ensures a positive and effective treatment experience for patients.

Her dedication to enhancing healthcare practices aligns seamlessly with our mission to achieve beneficial patient outcomes. Lili is currently advancing her career towards becoming a mental health support specialist and ultimately aims to serve as a counselor. This ambition reflects her dedication to improving the lives of those with mental health and substance abuse issues, highlighting her essential contribution to the team.

What People Say About Us

"Dr. Melo Is Wonderful. He Met with Me and My Family to Discuss Options for Addiction Treatment. He Provided the Facts, The Myths, and His Recommendations Best for Me. I Have Been Sober For 8 Months. Thanks, Doc!"

- Anonymous, Sarasota, FL

What People Say About Us

"I Highly Recommend Solstice! Super Cool Doc and Wife Team. Dr. Melo Is Always Attentive and Never Rushes. Jessica Is Awesome! She Helped Me Figure Out the Vivitrol Process with My Insurance and I’ve Been Able to Stop Drinking. THANK YOU!!"

- Edward N, Sarasota, FL

What People Say About Us

"They Are Warm, Compassionate, and Treat Me and My Family with Dignity and Respect."

- Maria B.

What People Say About Us

"I Highly Recommend Solstice! Super Cool Doc And Wife Team. Dr. Melo Is Always Attentive And Never Rushes. Jessica Is Awesome! She Helped Me Figure Out The Vivitrol Process With My Insurance And I’ve Been Able To Stop Drinking. THANK YOU!!"

- Edward N.

What People Say About Us

"I’m So Happy To Have Found This Practice. I Wanted To Take The Time To Thank Doc And Jessica For Everything They Are Doing To Help My Son. We Have Struggled For 8 Years And No One Has Ever Cared Or Helped Us As Much As They Have. You Both Have Shown Me There Are Good Honest People That Actually Care. Thank You Times A Zillion!!!! ❤️"

- Esther B, Bradenton, FL

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