Medical Weight Loss

What Can Medical Weight Loss Do For You?

Medical or clinical weight management programs offer professional, evidence-based, and doctor-supervised weight management treatments. In general, they usually involve expert counseling for physical activity and nutrition, behavioral therapy, and medications. Our clinical weight management program here at Solstice Health & Wellness always starts with a comprehensive history, physical exam and laboratory evaluation. This will entail assessing for certain diseases and causative factors linked to obesity, as well as an EKG and body composition analysis.

Why is it So Difficult to Keep The Weight Off?

Weight loss alone is typically not enough to provide lasting improvements in a person’s overall health. Studies show that once you’ve gained a substantial amount of weight, metabolic, neurological, and hormonal changes will also occur and these will essentially memorize or remember your heavier weight. This is known as a setpoint. This means that when you lose weight, this setpoint will make your brain and body fight back, in turn causing you to regain weight, unless you go on an effective weight loss and management plan.

Why Dieting is Not That Simple

You just have to control and count all the calories you take in. Sounds easy, right? However, your mind and body won’t readily accept this food deprivation tactic simply because they’re so used to these foods. Additionally, your body will react very quickly when dieting by activating coping mechanisms that slow down the metabolism and increase appetite, making dieting even more difficult. At Solstice Health & Wellness you’ll focus more on  healthy meal plans individualized for you and less on fad diets and calorie restriction for more effective weight loss and management.

The Problem with Physical Activity

Healthy nutrition and regular physical activity are the cornerstones of any sound, healthy, and safe weight loss and management plan. Working out regularly is especially crucial for maintaining long-term weight loss. But when you’re overweight or obese, you may also have co-occurring health problems that may stop you from moving because of potential side effects. With clinical weight management, your overall physical condition will be evaluated so your doctor can recommend safe exercises that you can perform and avoid complications.

Why You May Need Behavioral Therapy

Lifestyle adjustments through exercise and healthy eating are immensely vital for weight management to be successful. Through behavioral therapy, you’ll learn how to better control your exercise and eating habits and understand what’s stopping you from doing what you need to do to lose or keep weight off.

What About Weight Loss Medications?

In certain cases, your doctor may recommend weight loss medication to control your hunger and optimize your metabolism. Talk to your doctor about the best options for you.

Struggling With Weight?

Solstice Health & Wellness can help. To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about our medical weight loss services, contact us today.

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