Dec 9, 2022

We Can Help You With Addiction Recovery

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, or other addictive disorder then you are aware of how it can negatively impact your life. Solstice Health & Wellness addiction recovery program can help you achieve abstinence and maintain recovery long term.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction affects the way that your brain works, muddling its reward and motivation functions, making them solely devoted to the source of the addiction. If you are within its hold you may have difficulty with self-control, making you more prone to impulsive behavior. Some have trouble even accepting the very real influence that addiction has over them, even as their health, their relationships, and everything in their life suffers.

Substance use disorder and addiction are serious, but treatable, medical conditions. Treatment reduces the powerful effects of drugs on your brain and body. Addiction recovery is ongoing and changes over time as your needs change.

Without treatment, you may experience recurring lapses even if you are doing your best to quit. These cycles can carry you between periods of low and extreme consumption, which can be very damaging. You put yourself at risk of permanent health conditions as well as financial and social consequences.

Addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is a complex chronic, relapsing illness affecting the brain and behavior characterized by compulsively seeking and using, despite harmful consequences.

Addiction Recovery in Sarasota, FL

Addiction’s effects on your health cannot be understated, so physical, mental, and social wellbeing are goals to long term addiction recovery.

Addiction recovery begins with stopping the addictive behavior addressed through integrated therapeutic interventions and support services involving withdrawal treatment, mental health management, relapse prevention medication, primary care, counseling, and recovery group meetings.

Assistance with housing, employment, transportation, and other types of services and resources are also available for you to move forward in your recovery. 

If you or someone you love needs help then it’s time to reach out. Make an appointment today at Solstice Health & Wellness in Sarasota, FL, by calling 941-330-9797.

Addiction Recovery is the process of restoring normal physical, mental, and social health resulting in improved quality of life after cessation of substance use.

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